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I am a high priestess of Sekhmet infused with a kalima a warrior mother and carrier of pure love.

I am a Divine expert in third eye channel reading.

I pull accurate tarot card readings, channel healing , 3rd eye body scanning and use my 3rd eye to carry out chakra alignment with the highest vibrations all remotely done.

I conduct the removal of all your body and energy field negativity! A proven record of a great healer carrying the divine power to heal all sicknesses including cancer miscarriages and lung disease.

A teacher of wellbeing and reaching your higher self and life purpose A advocate of truth and guidance and order in our planet.


in attaining your own truth and life purpose A Counciler of relationships marriages childhood and life trauma.

A Channel reader of all realms including the deceased.
An Astrologer and information keeper of shifts in our solar system and numerology.

A clairvoyant who receives messages from beyond and the divine source.


A traveller and Avatar of all multi dimensions and realms.

I also carry out energy work to sort out all foreseen spiritual problems.
All led by THE MOST HIGH my Ancestors Angels Deities and spirit guides with pure love and lightforce energy with Sekhmet fire and divine love Kalima

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 


“Andrea, You are the hand of light. youve tapped into the realms of the unknown to some but to those who know, know, know where your from.The ancestors guide you and connect and allow you to see with the eye that connects us to we. You heal, cleanse & shine your light using conscious energy such as shakti. your a high priestess. we give thanks for your creation because with your healing hand you gave us room to stand and land in our power. your metaphysical has taken us out of the physical to our soul who knows what we know. be the beautiful light force that you are .”

— FreeThyself

All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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