Psychic Medium London

Updated: May 29

Your Specialist Psychic Medium London based

#Psychic #Medium #London

Psychic Medium London

Andrea Daniel is a professional psychic medium in London. If you are seeking spiritual guidance and you find yourself here your in the right place...

Andrea has been a qualified psychic medium London based for over 20 years!

Completing 1,000's of readings for her clients in that time.

Book your reading with Andrea your specialist psychic medium in London, upon your booking you will get an introductory 15 minuets free consultation to discuss what your seeking.

Services range from Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Readings, Andrea is a psychic medium London based as well as face to face reading's Andrea also host's online readings via zoom stay tuned for upcoming events !

Psychic Medium London

#Psychic #Medium #London

Psychic Medium London - Covering London UK & US

They is only one creator/source energy many Gods and kings and queens that’s why I am simply a spiritual mystic that works with all religions and people from many different walks of life.

And that states this fact.

Infused with Goddesses KI have the gift of healing medium and physic,

I see hear and feel and pick up people's Auras align your chakras heal all negativity and reveal your soul life purpose past present and future I  see feel and communicate with Angels,

My spirit guides Ancestors and diet's through various different ways including Numerology astrology intuition and much movement in and out of different realms.

I follow the Lunar at moon cycle and work accordingly to the moon phase.

I respect everyone's belief and love the dietys and gods of Hinduism Buddhism and Feng S Shi Egyptology,

Meditation is one of the many ways balance the chakras,

I also have the gift of healing and have healed many and still do,

I Also communicate with the deceased, do Astral projection, Exorcism,

spiritual cleansing and house cleansing.

I work in person  online and on the phone.

When I do my spiritual readings I do a deck of cards which confirm what I just pick up naturally.

I do dowsing also to confirm too.

All my work is done in Love and light with good intentions for greater and good of the Universe and creator...

Your Specialist Psychic Medium London

Book your free consultation at for more information.

#Psychic #Medium #London


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